Ethics before Profit!

A new standard in Recruitment!

Honesty, Integrity & Respect

For Everyone

Arbitrary targets are out....

Because we succeed as a Team!

Let’s start with some facts

38% of candidates who enjoy the recruitment process, are more likely to accept a job offer

78% of candidates say the candidate journey is an indicator of how a company values its people

73% of candidates share a poor candidate experience on glassdoor or linkedin

93% of candidates are prepared to quit during the probation period, if the job doesn’t match their expectations

What can we do to improve the chances of a successful long term hire?

Dignity & Respect

Treating people with respect is profoundly important to a long lasting relationship that delivers value. Being able to properly listen and absorb requirements, opinions and intent of both candidates and clients alike, and provide them with an informed and truthful response.

Transparency For Everyone

A clear and consistent recruitment process, where everyone knows where they are. Fully informed candidates & clients and recruiters that are on the ball, open and transparent.

Integrity & Honesty

Adhering to the highest standards of equitable treatment and representation.

Practice What We Preach

Enabling our staff to practise ethical recruitment with a supportive environment that is not driven by arbitrary goals.

So how does being Ethical help?

Good candidate matches are more likely to stay the distance and produce good results

A positive recruitment experience can actually increase revenue for the hiring company

It removes easy and quick results through bad practise

How do you become an Ethical recruiter?

We have developed our own process and governance that drives best practise over profit. Taking away arbitrary targets & posh dinners for the most profitable employee, we work as a team and succeed as a team. We are continuously evolving our definition of ethical recruitment and passing the benefit back to both our candidates and our clients.

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