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How to find your own strengths

Insight will help you to drive personal and professional behavioural changes and subsequently help you to achieve your goals.

Practising insight should become one of your keys skills so that you are good at it, know yourself and being able to adapt to changing situations. If you look in a mirror, you know exactly what you want to change before you walk out of the front door. You wouldn’t look in the mirror and see your ‘morning hair’ and think, I don’t need to brush my hair today for my interview. No, you would see your messy hair visually and you would immediately know that it needs some work.

We don’t wear our qualities and strengths on our outer-self, they are only visible in context of certain situations and circumstances. So we use the tool ‘insight” to see this in our reflection.

29% of workers say they can’t show strengths or potential because they are in the wrong career

34% of workers believe that their employer didn’t develop their strengths

Practise Insight To Know Your Strengths

Strengths usually are skills that you are either naturally good at or they are built upon the effort that you have applied over a long period of time. There are a lot of skills that people inherit and they don’t realise that they have them and this is where you need to practise insight.

Take a step back and think about where you participate the most, where you feel like you make the most difference and what gives you the most pleasure. Spend multiple days coming back to the subject and writing this down and rate how good and how much you enjoy them from one to ten.

Think about how other people might professionally describe you. You might be reliable; a quick learner and you might pick up languages quite easily. Think about tasks that you have performed repeatedly over the years and over time have become very proficient. Time brings experience and the more hours you put into something the better you are at it.

What qualities do those around you have and do you possess any of the qualities too? What might your family, friends and coworkers say about you and why? Is there any quality or strength that they are missing and that you would like exhibit more?

Get to know yourself much better and start to recognise when you are doing something well. If somebody is pleased with you as a friend or colleague, it is probably because you have done something good and that is probably linked to one of your strengths. It could be that you have been a reliable and supportive friend, helping a family member in a time of need, or it could be that you exhibit dependable qualities amongst your coworkers.

List out your desires and start to think about whether your situation and your strengths are going to take you towards those desires. If you are not in the right situation, is there anything that you can do to change your circumstances and put yourself onto a trajectory towards your aspirations for yourself. In life we all have some constraints and we have to compromise but do you have the balance just right for you?

Areas For Improvement

Try not to think of weakness as a critical disadvantage, think of it as an opportunity.  Our weaknesses are only really a weakness in context of our goal. For example, if I am a late starter and can’t get up before 10am but I work shifts and I don’t start work until 4pm anyway, then if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Think about the things that you want to improve about yourself in context of your own goals,  for example if you want to be a project manager but you are disorganised then you start to define how you can become more organised and take a step towards to your dream job.

If you aren’t great at football but don’t desire to be a footballer, then who cares, right? But if you want to be a public speaker but don’t like speaking in public, then you have something to work on.

Remember, just because you can’t do it at the moment, it doesn’t mean that will always be the case. If you make enough effort to overcome any fears or if you put in the right amount of effort, then you have as much chance of succeeding as anybody else.